About Our Staff

Getting to know our customers is the start of a long lasting relationship, so we think it is only fair that we be the first to extend our hand in friendship. Here is a little bit about our staff so you feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.

Ethan J. Odell

Ethan J. OdellEthan J. Odell – Service Advisor

Years of experience – Since 2008

Credentials – A totally polite and friendly service advisor.

Bio – Ethan is Rick’s son and Lorenzo’s brother. Since working at Curt’s Auto Repair, Ethan is working on becoming an ASE Certified Service Consultant. Ethan married one of Curt’s nieces.

Jeff D. Rock

Jeff D. RockJeff D. Rock – General Manager

Years of experience: Since 1998

Credentials: ASE Certified, Master Technician, Service Consultant.

Jeff is Curt’s nephew.  He has worked in the shop for 11 years.  Since 2008 he has been in the office as a customer service representative and as manager.

Curt L. Rock

Curt L. RockCurtis L. Rock – Owner operator

Years of experience – Since 1987

Credentials – ASE Master Certified, ASE Certified Service Consultant

To everyone who works at his shop, he is known as “pops”. Curtis has had an interest in cars since his early childhood.

Eric J. Newton

Eric J. NewtonEric J. Newton – Shop Foreman, Hybrid Certified

Years of experience – Since 2000

Credentials – ASE Certified, Master Certified Technician, Hybrid Certified, Advanced Level Diagnostic Specialist, Certified Service Consultant.

Eric is Curt’s son-in-law. He has worked in the shop for 10 years. He has been the shop manager since 2008.

Lorenzo A. Odell

Lorenzo A. OdellLorenzo A. Odell – Master Technician

Years of experience – Since 2003

Credentials – ASE Certified, One certification short of being a Master Technician.

Rick’s son and Ethan’s brother.  Curt’s Auto Repair is his first and only job. Lorenzo started working here in high school and hasn’t gone anywhere else since.

Rick T. Odell

Rick T. OdellRick T. Odell – Shop Technician

Years of experience – Since 1992

Credentials – ASE Certified, Master Technician, Medium/Heavy Truck Technician.

Rick is Ethan’s and Lorenzo’s father. He has worked at Curt’s since 2009.

Kathy F. Rock

Kathy F. RockKathy F. Rock – Co-Owner / Outside Customer Service Representative

Years of experience – Since 1987

Bio – Kathy is the owner’s wife. Kathy has been recently working to become an ASE Certified Service Consultant. It is more likely, as of late, you will see her in the office.

Erin Anderson

Erin AndersonErin Anderson – Service Advisor

Years of experience – Since 2016

Bio – Erin was adopted into Curt’s Auto family with a strong customer service background, she is a perfect complement to the rest of the crew.

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