car fuel systemCurts Auto repair is your stop for total fuel system repairs. Phoenix, unlike other cities gets relatively good quality fuel, but this cannot stop the slow march of deterioration that necessitates fuel system maintenance, while many drivers are doomed to never understanding fully what exactly is going on, we want to give our customers a chance to understand exactly what is going on in their engine, and give them a leg up in understanding why fuel system repair is so important.

While its true that the average driver rarely thinks about what the individual components of the engine are doing for him, even rudimentary knowledge of what is going on can be a huge boon when it comes to knowing how to keep your vehicle marching faithfully forward with no surprises. This is why we have put together a short explanation of what is going on in your fuel system.

Fuel Pump – this is essentially the heart of the fuel system. The fuel pump is literally squeezing fuel through the lines to the injectors. A failing fuel pump will often give you early warnings in the form of decreased responsiveness of the accelerator, so if your vehicle isn’t responding the way you expect it to, it may be a failing fuel pump.

Fuel Lines – exactly what you may expect, these lines carry the fuel to the point where it is injected into the engine, allowing these to deteriorate has the same effect as turning off the water to your house.

Spark Plugs – Your spark plugs are what actually cause the fuel to be ignited in the engine. If your spark plugs need attention, cylinders can fail to fire, engine performance will plummet, and your fuel economy will drop significantly; if your engine starts at all!

Fuel Injectors – this is where the magic begins. This is how your fuel is deposited into the combustion chamber. When fuel injectors are working properly, the gasoline is squirted in as a fine mist, allowing the explosion to occur more easily. If these become clogged up, then the fuel is deposited in a stream, which is much more difficult to ignite. This can cause a marked decrease in fuel economy, not to mention an engine that is running more roughly.

While this is by no means an extensive explanation, this will at least get you started down the path of knowing what your vehicle needs, and allow you at least in part to plan for the future. Nobody like surprises when it comes to their vehicle, and we want help our customers stay a step ahead of the game. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about the specifics of your vehicle, our staff is friendly and entirely dedicated to helping you get your problems resolved.

If you car hurts, call Curt’s!

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